Gummy Bear Diet Cleanse

Can the Gummy Bear Diet Help You Lose Weight?

Yes, you read that right: the Gummy Bear Diet is a real diet. Gummy bears certainly aren't known as diet food. But we live in a time of strange regimens: potato diets, banana diets, steak-and-egg diets. The "Gummy Bear Cleanse" relies on the laxative effects sugarless gummy bears possess. It was discovered when someone ate way too much sugar-free gummy candy, to the point that it caused diarrhea.

Why would it do that? Well, gummy bears are sweetened with hydrogenated syrup called lycasin, a.k.a. maltitol, which is widely used to sweeten sugar-free candies for diabetics. Many people have a lycasin sensitivity; the body doesn't absorb it or break it down easily. So while it may be good for diabetic consumers who don't want to sacrifice sweets, it causes a great deal of gastrointestinal trouble for anyone who eats large amounts of it. If you consume enough of it, lycasin acts like a laxative.

On, five-pound packages of sugar-free gummy bears have sold out numerous times. Talk about profiting from loss!

How the Gummy Bear Diet Works

This diet program isn't exactly nuanced: you have to eat enough sugar-free gummy bears to cause a loose bowel movement. Typically, that means eating around fifteen to twenty individual pieces.

Doctors, nutritionists, and health professionals don't recommend eating more than fifteen gummy bears in one go. Lycasin isn't necessarily harmful, but don't try this diet when you're on the go or traveling. You may be very surprised by the severity of the effects when you eat a bunch of sugarless gummy candies; you may end up spending all day in the bathroom.

Lycasin's known side effects include bloating, explosive diarrhea, intestinal gurgling and flatulence. Severe intestinal distress have been reported by Amazon reviewers of sugar-free gummy bears saying things like "Trumpets calling the demons back to Hell", "100% liquid. Flammable liquid. NAPALM.", "It went on for hours... I felt violated when it was over."

Is the Gummy Bear Diet Effective?

The facts are that sugar-free gummy bears are fat-free, and contain almost no protein whatsoever: there are about three grams per fifteen candies. Protein acts as an appetite suppressant, because it takes longer to digest it; you feel full longer. Gummy bears, to some extent, can help you feel less hungry. But the gummy bear diet does nothing to help you shed weight; it's a diet that relies on provoking your body to move the bowels more frequently.

You won't "lose" weight; you'll lose water, instead, and vital nutrients, from your intestines. When we talk about true weight loss, we mean fat loss, or a significant loss of body mass. Not the loss of water weight.

Most of the calories in gummy bears are carbohydrates. Simple carbohydrates, to be exact, not healthy, complex carbohydrates like the kind found in green vegetables, whole grains, beans, and lentils. And these sugar-free candies contain no vitamins or minerals whatsoever.

When you're eating gummy bears, whether they're sugar-free or not, you won't get any of the nutrition you need. You'll actually experience a net loss of nutrition from the loose bowel movements this diet causes. Sugar-free gummy bears are nothing but a candy containing empty calories. If you eat them, do so in moderation: there is no evidence to support the claim that this "diet" can help you lose weight. It's safe to say the gummy bear diet will not slim you down.

What's the Alternative? A Healthy Gummies Packed with Nutrients

Skinny Piggies are an all-natural, stimulant-free supplement gummies to help you curb appetite and burn fat. These delicious gummies, taken with a full glass of water before meals, help you fill up fast and manage your diet easily. They do not contain malitol and do not have any laxative effect.

When you eat Skinny Piggies, the supplement gently expands inside your stomach to many times its original size. It forms a soft gel that fills your stomach. You'll experience a feeling of fullness and satiation; food movement out of your stomach slows down, which makes you feel less hungry for much longer.

As your body digests the food you eat after taking Skinny Piggies, the gel surrounds it. Contact with the intestinal walls is reduced, naturally slowing the digestion of sugars. The body's blood glucose response is then slowed down. What happens next? You feel fewer cravings. Slowing down the digestion of carbs and avoiding blood glucose spikes is the key to managing your appetite, hunger and preventing the body to store new fat.

Skinny Piggies are Delicious Diet Gummies

Skinny Piggies are a safe, nutritious, healthy, and natural way to achieve your health and weight goals more quickly. These delicious diet gummies are designed to complement your existing weight loss and exercise regimen. They're another effective tool in your belt, not a magic bullet. And they work.

Skinny Piggies contain agar-agar, a plant-based gel popular in Asian desserts, which makes you feel full and satisfied. Other ingredients are collagen, biotin, and inositol. Collagen is a natural appetite suppressant, and studies have indicated that collagen both creates a feeling of fullness and satisfaction and promotes a calmer digestive system. Biotin is a nutrient that plays a key role in metabolizing fats and carbohydrates. Inositol has fat-burning, "lipotropic" effects, and aids the body in eliminating fat by breaking it down in the liver.

If you're already working hard to lose weight, get Skinny Piggies to help you along the way. They contain no stimulants or chemicals and they're gentle on the stomach. Not only will they make it easier and more pleasant for you to lose weight, the ingredients in Skinny Piggies also have amazing health benefits: healthier, stronger nails and hair, skin that glows, and anti-aging properties.

You can easily make your weight loss regimen amazing with the all-natural benefits of Skinny Piggies supplements.

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